Consulting Services

Management Consulting

We specialize in provision of a range of management services to local, regional and international clientele through our on-site and remote service packages. ​​​​​​​​​

We add value to your business by working closely with your team, helping them achieve their organizational goals & objectives by identifying problems and offering timely solutions, identifying and seizing new opportunities, implementing change & enchanting learning.

  1. Strategy
    Work with companies to create business strategies that help them identify opportunities to earn superior profits and beat competition.
  2. Performance Improvement
    Collaborate with clients to increase their revenue & profitability, improve overall performance and competitiveness, and provide superior quality of services.
  3. Operations Management
    Provide advisory and implementation services to increase operational efficiency of businesses.
  4. Sales & Marketing
    Offer businesses analysis of their existing practices, improve their profitability by acquiring, growing and retaining clients.
  5. Expense Reduction
    Conduct analysis, offer and implement industry best practices to reduce expenses without affecting operational efficiency.
  6. Human Resource
    Attract, retain and develop workforce that helps businesses achieve their goals.
  7. Finance
    Provide financial advice to small businesses, universities, colleges and nurseries.
  8. Startups
    Startup advisory specializing in business modeling, strategy, investor readiness & legal frameworks.
  9. Business Plan
    Create a business plan that helps you raise funds and launch business successfully.
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Nursery Consult
CE Management Consultancy employs a full-time consulting unit specialized in nursery industry. To learn more about its services please visit the link below:

Business Brokerage

CE Management Consultancy understands what it takes to sell or buy a business. We offer tools, advice and access to the market, which our years of business brokerage experience gives us.​​

As business brokers, we assist our clients confidentially buy and sell privately held businesses, aligning the interest of all parties for mutual success and satisfaction.

  1. Due-Diligence
    Conduct thorough due-diligence to identify potential threats and risks to the acquisition. Understand various sources of revenue, expenses and projected numbers to work with in post-acquisition phase.
  2. Analysis & Evaluation
    Analyze business practices, strengths & weaknesses prior to committing for M&A. Evaluate the assets, value of business and net earnings..
  3. Fair Market Price
    Determine fair market price of the business.
  4. Facilitate Negotiations
    Get expert advisory and full support in the negotiations process to strike the deal at the best price.
  5. Legal Contracts
    Develop M&A agreements, Initial Sales, Sales & Purchase Agreement, Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association, No Objection Certificates from all relevant authorities.
  6. Post-Acquisition Consulting
    Develop post-acquisition strategy to realize full benefits of acquisition.
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